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Living by the Rhythm of Pan African Paper Mills

Dennis Ochieng OTIENO, Mambo! vol. XVII (1), 2020. This article is about the rise and fall of Pan African Paper Mills, the paper factory that was central to the rapid development of Webuye town in the 1970s as well as to its decline in the 2010s. The development of Webuye was so rapid that it could not be compared to any other small towns in Western Kenya.

Archaeology of a Rural Landscape (Tana Delta, Kenya)

Yanis MOKRI. Mambo! Vol. XVI (9), 2019. Since the 1940s, the history of coastal Kenya relies essentially on monumental trading centres studies of the last millennium and a half. On the contrary, hinterlands of those remarkable cities were not subjects of research before the late 1970s.

Les roses kényanes dans un marché global

Léa BENOIT. Mambo! XVI (8), 2019. Produit «futile» par excellence, quasi comestible, périssable, la rose est pourtant la fleur coupée la plus commercialisée au monde, indispensable aux événements de la vie et aux fêtes calendaires. Elle est ainsi au cœur d’enjeux de développement durable pour de nombreux pays, et tout particulièrement le Kenya.

Kenyan Roses in a Global Market

Léa BENOIT. Mambo! XVI (8), 2019. Although it is a “futile” product by excellence, almost edible and perishable, rose is the most commercialized cut flower in the world, indispensable for life events and calendar festivals. It is at the heart of sustainable development challenges for many countries, especially Kenya.

When Ngũgĩ Comes to Nairobi

Maëline LE LAY, “When Ngũgĩ Comes to Nairobi.” Mambo! Vol. XVI (5), 2019. On this hot Monday in February, the Nairobi National Theatre’s Main Auditorium was full. The eager and excited crowed had come to witness the launch of the latest book in Kikuyu by the great Kenyan author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, Kenda Muiyuru. Everyone was there.

Willy Mutunga, a Lifelong Activist

Marie WOLFROM, “Willy Mutunga, a life long activist”, Mambo!, Vol. XVI, (1), 2019 PDF Version Here. Genesis of an Activist Willy Mutunga hails from a modest background. Born on June 16 1947 in Kilonzo,...

Developing against Development, Kenya

Dulo Nyaoro, “Developing against Development: Resistance as Participation in Development Induced Displacement in Kenya,” Mambo!, Vol. XV, (6), 2018. PDF Version here. Introduction Mega development projects displaced more than 200 million people in the 20th...

The Resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons in Kenya

Robert WAWERU, “Challenges Faced in the Resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons in Kenya” Mambo! XV (3), 2018. Contact the author : PDF Version here. Introduction This paper examines the initiatives that have been...

The Techno-Political Patterning of Automatic Water Dispensers, Kenya

Christiane TRISTL, ”Co-constituting Cost-recovery, Assembling Benevolence – The Techno-Political Patterning of Automatic Water Dispensers”, Mambo! Vol. XIV, (4) 2017. PDF version here. Introduction Concerned about “providing reliable and sustainable water supply in the developing...

The Laikipia’s Maasai Cricket Warriors

Graham R.L. FOX, “Gendered issues and contested benefits: The case of Laikipia’s Maasai Cricket Warriors”, Mambo! Volume XIV, (1) 2017. PDF version here. Introduction Though many feminist and postcolonial scholars question the utility of...

Ruins, Planning and the ‘Messy Labours’ of the Urban Poor

Wangui KIMARI, “We Do Not Want Any More Masters’: Ruins, Planning and the “Messy Labours” of the Urban Poor”, Mambo! Vol. XIV (5), 2016. PDF version here.  Introduction Amidst the animated conversations about recent national and...

Becoming Minister for Lands: Jackson Angaine and Meru politics

Anaïs ANGELO,”Becoming Minister for Lands: Jackson Angaine and Meru politics (1961-1963)”, Mambo! Volume XIV (3), 2016. In 1978 British Officials profiled the most prominent Kenyan politicians and produced a document entitled “Leading Personalities in Kenya,...