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Pastoralists’ Struggles for Land Rights, Tanzania

Aline C. RABELO. Mambo! vol. XVI (12), 2019. After several years in the Tanzanian courts, without any favourable resolutions, four pastoralist Maasai villages from Loliondo area decided to file a case against the government at the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) in 2017, now motivated by new evictions that happened that year. Filing a lawsuit collectively in this judicial level is unprecedented in the history of the Tanzanian pastoralist and hunter-gatherer peoples.

Commemorating Nyerere, Celebrating Magufuli in Tanzania

Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ, Mambo! Vol. XVI (11), 2019. In Tanzania, since 1999, every 14th of October—Nyerere Day’s statutory holiday—celebrates Julius Nyerere, the Father of the Nation. But 2019 associates a round number, 20 years, with a re-election stake for Tanzania’s current president, John Magufuli.

Commémorer Nyerere, célébrer Magufuli en Tanzanie

Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ. Mambo! Vol. XVI (11), 2019. En Tanzanie, depuis 1999, chaque 14 octobre (jour férié de Nyerere Day) est l’occasion de célébrer Julius Nyerere, le père de la nation. Mais 2019 a la particularité d’associer un chiffre rond, vingt ans, à un enjeu de réélection pour le président actuel, John Magufuli.

School Micropolitics on the Coast of Tanganyika, 1930s

Florence WENZEK. Mambo! Vol. XVI (10), 2019. This paper focuses on micropolitics involved in the opening of a government girls’ school in Tanga, on the coast of Tanganyika, in the early 1930s. Through a study of elites’ involvement in the opening of the school, this paper deconstructs the colonial discourse concerning African and Muslim’s rejection of girls’ schooling.

Bureaucracy Versus Land Grabbing in Tanzania?

Sina SCHLIMMER,”Bureaucracy versus land grabbing? Replacing the state in a fashionable debate in Tanzania”, Mambo! Vol. XIV (4), 2016 PDF version here.  Introduction “So how will you just make a grab on village land?...

Zanzibar indépendant en 2015 ? Révision constitutionnelle, Islam politisé et revendications séparatistes

Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ, ” Zanzibar indépendant en 2015 ? Révision constitutionnelle, islam politisé et revendications séparatistes”, Mambo! Vol. X (2), 2012. Dans l’archipel de Zanzibar, en République Unie de Tanzanie, les revendications séparatistes, autrefois énoncées à mots couverts, sortent...

Performing and Narrating the Tanzanian Nation

Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ, “Performing and Narrating the Tanzanian Nation”, Mambo!, Vol. IX(4), 2011. In Tanzania, the Ujamaa-bashing of the 1980s was prejudicial to the iconic image of the wise Mwalimu that enthusiastic leftist intellectuals propagated abroad and...

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