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Zanzibar Independent in 2015? Constitutional Review, Politicized Islam, and Separatist Claims.

Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ. Mambo! Vol. X (2), 2012. In Zanzibar, claims for separatism are increasingly appearing in full light in 2012. Since the beginning of the year, the Muslim organization Uamsho has brought to the fore the thorny issue of the autonomy of the archipelago -if not independence- through a discourse that conjoins religion and politics, gaining popular support.

Zanzibar indépendant en 2015 ? Révision constitutionnelle, Islam politisé et revendications séparatistes

Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ, ” Zanzibar indépendant en 2015 ? Révision constitutionnelle, islam politisé et revendications séparatistes”, Mambo! Vol. X (2), 2012. Dans l’archipel de Zanzibar, en République Unie de Tanzanie, les revendications séparatistes, autrefois énoncées à mots couverts, sortent...

Performing and Narrating the Tanzanian Nation

Marie-Aude FOUÉRÉ, “Performing and Narrating the Tanzanian Nation”, Mambo!, Vol. IX(4), 2011. In Tanzania, the Ujamaa-bashing of the 1980s was prejudicial to the iconic image of the wise Mwalimu that enthusiastic leftist intellectuals propagated abroad and...

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