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Towards a Ride-hailing Services Dependency in Nairobi? Uses, users and regulation

Teddy DELAUNAY. Mambol Vol. XVIII (4), 2021. On-demand Ride-Hailing services (RHs) now play an increasing role within many cities around the world. RHs might increase traffic congestion, vehicle ownership and access inequalities. RHs pose significant challenges for policymakers, and addressing these issues requires detailed information about RHs use. This paper provides insights into who the users of RHs are, and their motivations for using RHs.

Guns and Conservation: Protecting Wildlife and Ensuring “Peace and Security” in Northern Kenya

Sara van der HOEVEN. Mambo! Vol. XVIII (1), 2021. By mapping the circulation of firearms in northern Kenya, this paper aims to show the different ways armed conservation practices are more than a means to protect wildlife. Conservation is a means to achieve “peace and security,” too. Rangers fill the law enforcement vacuum that the government leaves open. Even though guns are but one element in conservation politics, following their circulation allows me to bring these different places and times into one analytical lens.

Citizens’ Perception of Leadership during COVID-19 Times in Mombasa, Kenya

Fathima AZMIYA BADURDEEN. Mambo! Vol. XVII (4), 2020. Based on a qualitative methodology, this sociopolitical analysis looks into how national and county decision-making unfolded in Mombasa County, Kenya, during the COVID-19 epidemic. The article discusses the evidence-based decision-making and leadership on COVID-19 mitigating responses within a reactive, proactive and populist approach.

When Ngũgĩ Comes to Nairobi

Maëline LE LAY, “When Ngũgĩ Comes to Nairobi.” Mambo! Vol. XVI (5), 2019. On this hot Monday in February, the Nairobi National Theatre’s Main Auditorium was full. The eager and excited crowed had come to witness the launch of the latest book in Kikuyu by the great Kenyan author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, Kenda Muiyuru. Everyone was there.

French beans, Kenyan origin. Field Notes

Mathilde Fautras, “French beans, Kenyan origin. Field Notes”, Mambo! Volume VIII, n°3, 2009. FriGoken is one of the largest producers and exporters of french beans in Kenya. The company contracts local farmers in order...

Les Villes Kenyanes: Note de Présentation

Bernard Calas, “Les Villes Kenyanes: Note de Présentation”, Mambo! Volume VI, n0 4; 2007 La population urbaine kenyane représente environ 40 % des 34 millions d’habitants du pays. Comme ailleurs en Afrique mais sans doute de...

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